Broken Springs: The Hidden Heavies

Springs are the unsung heroes holding up what might as well be a moving wall in your house. But when they snap—and believe me, you'll know by that loud report that echoes through the garage—your daily routine takes an unexpected detour into hassle-town. Fixing broken springs isn't a DIY dance you want to do without proper training; leave this number to our seasoned pros who can get those springs singing again in no time.We tackle torsion and extension spring woes with precision tools and expertise that make sure every repair not only lasts but also keeps safety front and center because let’s be real—a snapped spring can turn into a ballistic nightmare if not handled correctly.

Cables And Tracks: Keeping It on The Straight And Narrow

If we think of springs as muscles then cables are definitely the tendons of your garage door system—they keep everything connected and moving smoothly along tracks that should stay as straight as an arrow. When these start playing up due to wear or damage, you're looking at potential freefall scenarios or doors jamming halfway which is about as useful as a screen door on a submarine.Dive deep into cable care with professionals who understand exactly how much tension these wires need to bear without snapping under pressure. As for tracks? A slight bend could mean big problems down the line—but don’t sweat it—we’re all about getting things back in alignment so every open-and-shut case ends happily ever after.

The Heart Of Your Garage: Opener Repair

A wonky opener turns ‘automatic’ into ‘auto-magic-no-more.’ This device may seem complex with its gears, electronics and maybe even smart-tech features linking right up to your phone—but fear not. Whether it needs reprogramming or mechanical CPR our team has got both brains & brawn needed (and then some.) We’ll troubleshoot whatever tech-tantrums yours throws out until smooth operation is restored (because manually lifting your heavy-duty fortress gate gets old fast).

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Don't let a malfunctioning garage door cause inconvenience and safety risks to you and your family. Trust the leading garage door repair service provider in Edison, NJ - Blaze Garage Door Repair.

We offer a wide range of services from spring replacement, cable repair, opener repair, panel replacement to roller and track repair.

In addition to our exceptional repair services, we also offer high-quality installation services for new construction and replacement projects which include custom carriage house doors as well.Choose 

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